I’m Dreaming…

Of a White Christmas!

It’s almost 20 years since I lived in New Ross full-time and back then I worked in the local St Michael’s Theatre doing marketing and promotions for shows. I was performing lots too. I was the heroine “Polly” in The Boyfriend. In the film Twiggy played Polly, the lonely school girl in boarding school in France who makes up a boyfriend with hilarious results.

So, now I’ve retraced my steps back to St Michael’s Theatre and I’m playing “Betty” in White Christmas – Betty was played by Rosemary Clooney opposite Bing Crosby in the movie. It is AMAZING to be back on stage in a big production. I’m loving every minute. The cast and crew are so great! True professionals in every sense of the word. It’s an honour to work with so many great people. The cast range in age from 13 up and it’s great to see young people developing their self-confidence before my eyes.

The part of Betty is fun – she is the responsible older sister who tries to keep her younger sister Judy on the straight and narrow with little success. Judy is determined to get their sister act into better clubs and tells fibs to get them their gigs. Judy manages to get the Broadway stars Wallace & Davis to follow the girls to their next gig in Vermont where Judy gets together with Phil Davis and Betty starts to fall for Bob Wallace. Of course she falls out of love temporarily but by the end of the show all ends well! I have 2 stage kisses with Bob to prove it.

White Christmas is on from Thurs 17th to Sat 19th Dec 2015. Click here to book!

Backstage at White Christmas
Backstage at White Christmas!
Ken Moroney plays General Hank Waverly
Ken Moroney plays General Hank Waverly
Backstage at St Michael's Theatre, New Ross
Getting my lippy on backstage at St Michael’s Theatre, New Ross
Costumes ready!
Costumes ready!